Rare Beauty “Rare Matter”

Art direction, Copywriting
︎︎︎ YUJEONG LEE & Jean Teta

PROBLEM: The majority of beauty products in the market are not accessible to those who are visually impaired to apply since it is only catered to people with normal vision.

INSIGHT: 15% of people worldwide have a disability, according to the World Health Organization.

However, only 4% of brands (in the world) create products that cater for this population, as researched by P&G in 2019.

IDEA: To create a small printer-like machine where the system detects a face and applies makeup on the user.

+) ADDITIONAL  IDEA: Even if you’re still not satisfied with this idea,
come to me!

Made at: Miami ad school Europe_ during the concept class_2022.
Tutor: Sudarshan (Sudi) Waghmare