Currently based in Berlin 📌️

Left girl, me! Yujeong Lee (이유정). Can call me as Yuna;)

Originally from South Korea where I studied graphic design while working in the make-up industry. Since entering Miami Ad School, my canvas has grown from people's faces to the world stage -- now, I want to make an impact that can't be erased with make-up remover!

By clicking here you can find-out my agency works which was from Wundermanthompson Tokyo | Havas Germany | Jung von Matt Havel and also my school works from Miami ad school.

When I’m not making ads,,,
I'm a navigator of both the globe and the digital cosmos! While I'm not making ads, I'm jet-setting across the world. But let's be real, most of my days are spent traversing the media universe—diving into the realms of Netflix, YouTube, and Instagram. When I'm not making reviews in Google Maps, you'll find me sketching away on paper or my trusty iPad. Life's an adventure, and I'm the storyteller weaving it all together!

Now, I'm pushing myself every day and preparing to tackle creative challenges wherever I head to next.

Let's chat & bond over rice cakes!

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Funfact1: Follow the whistle and humming sound, and at the end you’ll find me!  |  Funfact2: Since childhood and beyond, my family tracks me down by the my laughter—it's the soundtrack of our shared memories.  |  Funfact3: Prepared for anything with a pocketful of vitamins – this girl's secret to staying ahead in the adventure called life. |