OPEL social media post_2023.

Opel Rocks E-XTREME

The extreme version of the Opel Rocks- full CG image with AI generated people.

︎︎︎ JungvonMatt HAVEL
Art direction(for the barbie)


Based on the Opel Rock, a visionary design concept was born: E Rocks Extreme. This captivating study called for an evolution of the iconic white open-air studio that has long been the stage for Opel's promotional efforts. So the environment and the cars were generated in CG.
But who were the interested parties for such an extraordinary car ? The answer lay in the synergy of modernity and innovation. These special characters with their extravagant look would be hard to cast. A new concept calls for a new technology: to create and design characters with the help of artificial intelligence

Meet my special layout+concept for the Barbies︎︎︎