🌈️ Merch concepting&visualized by YUJEONG LEE_me

BACKGROUND:Created a playcard focused on Newjeans, one month after their debut, as a way to express my passion for their music and fashion style, and to share their vibrant identity with others.

INSIGHT:Inspiration for this design was the unique and joyful music of Newjeans, which I wanted to showcase in a visual way. I chose to create a playcard that combined elements of music and fashion to capture the energetic and trendy vibe of the band’s new song.

IDEA:  Created a visually compelling playcard that captured the energetic and trendy vibe of Newjeans, using a combination of bold typography, playful graphics, and stylish group image. By adding a QR code that links to a playlist of their songs, I made the design more interactive and engaging for fans.

Made at: Miami Ad School Europe (student work)_design class_2022.
Mentor: Shelley Lui_Creative director at INNOCEAN Europe