Laneige social&TVC for APAC 2024.

Perfect Renew
3X Signature Serum

Perfectly Renewed by 3 Layer Care

︎︎︎ JungvonMatt HANGANG

︎︎︎  Bill Yom

CD (Copy based) 
︎︎︎  Junkyu Lee                      
Senior AD
︎︎︎  Donghun Lee

Junior AD
︎︎︎  Yujeong Lee_ME!                
Junior Copy
︎︎︎  Unjong Yeo


This campaign with Laneige was my very first project since I joined JVM HANGANG.
 With my background in makeup, I helped my team build a foundation for understanding skincare products. The task for the Laneige APAC (China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.) TVC was to showcase their premium line product and clearly and effectively explain its benefits for the skin. So, we came up with the idea: "Every skin layer defines your skin age." Revitalize each skin layer with Triple-layer Targeting Technology™ that effectively targets signs of aging in each skin layer.*

Director of film︎︎︎ Paul Mignot
What was your role? Was in a role of creative: Idea development, Develop both layout for the film&KV. Onsite shooting as well:)